South Africa : Dot .ZA #domains to get more expensive

South Africa is using the .ZA ccTLD and it’s been witnessing a growth in domain registrations, under the realm.

Less than a year ago, there were 1.2 million .co.ZA domains, and the current tally stands at 1.26 million.

Bad news, however, for the .co.ZA customers that will have to pay more per domain, according to a news source.

“The increase the ZADNA is asking for is actually rather low. The authority wants the fee to increase by R10 to R55 for domain registrations and annual renewals.”

That’s an increase of 58 cents to $3.18 dollars per domain name, according to the current exchange rates.


South African domain investors are lucky, as Verisign is charging more than double as much as the base price for .com. domains to get more expensive

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