Suprise! It’s a damn #domain typo bro!

Domain typos are domain names that are formed by a typographical error. While some typo domains can be valuable due to the common nature of their keyword, many more are simply not that great.

Regardless, a single word typo domain can fetch good money, in the thousands of dollars.

For example, the domain is being auctioned at Dropcatch with one day to go and a high bid of $1,200 dollars. So far, 31 bidders have placed 40 bids for this typo version of

There’s no doubt that the auction will end up higher, if Chinese bidders join in. For now, we can only laugh at this as the domain contains a fake index of links, where nothing is clickable.

What a wonderful surprise / suprise! 🙂 – On auction at DropCatch

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One Response to “Suprise! It’s a damn #domain typo bro!”
  1. Doug says:

    Haha what a wonderful Suprise indeed! This is a perfect domain for a gift site and the young kids will get a kick out of the domain name haha.

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