Swetha: Eclipse.xyz was sold for a massive $90,000 on Efty

Swetha Yenugula

Domain investor Swetha Yenugula knows her target audience well; the domain name Eclipse.xyz was just sold for a massive $90,000 dollars.

The Indian domain prodigy shared the news, adding that the sale took place using the Efty.com landers.

A disbursement fee of only $20 dollars means that Swetha netted $89,980 dollars from the sale of Eclipse.xyz.

So who is the buyer of Eclipse.xyz?

As the domain already resolves, we can see that it’s Eclipse Laboratories Inc., a San Fransisco based crypto & blockchain services start-up, founded by Neel Somani in 2022.

Operating from Eclipse.builders, the company has secured seed funding of $9 million dollars and another $6 million pre-seed, according to Crunchbase.

Congratulations to Swetha for scoring this big domain sale via Efty.

Update: Eclipse Laboratories announced that it has raised $50 million dollars in Series A funding.

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  1. BullS says:

    That makes her one of the richest Billionaires in India.

    Time for more hot spicy roti canai Naan chapati chicken curry

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