The Onion : No excuse for ICANN to give away our dot .Onion brand

The Onion is a popular online publication, specializing in breaking news and almost real stories.

As part of its annual gTLD allocation program, ICANN apparently identified dot .Onion as a reserved TLD and “gave” it to the Tor Project, without first consulting The Onion.

Naturally, this unexpected move did not sit well with The Onion publishers, who urged ICANN to reverse the action.

“We are not amused, ICANN. This blatant act of brand infringement violates the rights of corporate America, for the sake of assisting some anonymous, ultra-liberal network enhance its questionable activities. The Onion reserves the right to counter-launch its own deep rooted servers, as a popular brand that is well-established in the American psyche and the global Internet. ICANN, undo this justice!”

The open letter by The Onion soon spread around the Internet, and the memes started pouring in. One of them is posted below.

It’s yet another indication of how ICANN plans to roll out its infamous multi-steakholder model, and the eventual surrender of the Internet to the Commies.



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