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Thomas Cook #domain properties : What is of value among 1,000 domains?

ThomasCook.com – future auction on DropCatch?

Thomas Cook, an iconic British travel company crashed hard during the weekend, stranding hundreds of thousands of customers around the world.

The travel company didn’t move on with the online times, opting to maintain dozens of physical stores for ticketing and other travel services. The upcoming liquidation of assets will be a hard test in inventory analysis.

ThomasCook.com wasn’t the only domain name managed by the company. Thomas Cook managed more than 1,000 domains of various quality. Many were dashed variants of the company’s name and associated brands, some with localized keywords.

We went through the entire list of domain names under management, thanks to DomainTools.

So which domains are worth a fair amount of money in the aftermarket, out of a thousand names? Here’s the list that in our opinion is the most valuable, due to the keywords and age:

  • airtours.com
  • flightfinders.com
  • holidayhotels.com
  • hotels4u.com
  • magicbreaks.com
  • neilson.com

Thomas Cook appears to have sold the domain JMC.com in 2014 to NetNames. The valuable, three letter .com acronym was then moved in the possession of a Chinese registrant, a few months later. We can speculate that it was sold at a healthy price point.

Unfortunately for whoever takes over the entire domain portfolio of Thomas Cook, the remaining domains have very little intrinsic value. There are many ccTLDs as well, and with Thomas Cook ceasing operations globally, they are expected to drop.

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