Token .XYZ : Drew Rosener’s #crypto domain sale is the biggest of the year for this gTLD


The sale of the domain name Token.XYZ for $14,999 dollars via Sedo, is yet another accomplishment by Drew Rosener.

The Media Options founder shared the news via Twitter:

Sold for $15,000 via @Sedo #domainnames #crypto #digitalassets

Drew Rosener is a well-known cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast; the sale of Token.XYZ is the biggest of the past 12 months for this new gTLD.

Drew Rosener – Media Options.

According to data from NameBio, the following .XYZ domains were sold during the past 12 months, at prices of $1,000 dollars and up: 7,000 USD 4,900 USD 4,000 USD 3,999 USD 3,037 USD 2,990 USD 2,800 USD 2,800 USD 1,550 USD 1,500 USD 1,500 USD 1,470 USD 1,100 USD 1,000 USD 1,000 USD

It seems that the sale of Token.XYZ sets a new record, as the largest private sale of an .XYZ domain as well.

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