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Uniregistry and InternetTraffic are merging in December



Uniregistry is ending months of speculation about the date of merging services with InternetTraffic, the PPC branch of the company.

For the past several months, the two companies are working hard towards integrating the two consumer platforms into one; the Uniregistry domain registrar, and the Domain Name Sales venue for domain sales and parking.

The date of merger has now been revealed: December 2015.

A note delivered with the monthly PayPal payment for Domain Name Sales revenue states the following:

“InternetTraffic.com will be merging inside the Uniregistry Market in December of this year. Beginning next month you’ll notice your paypal payments come from a Uniregistry account. We’re the same team, same accounting and same program wearing a new name to serve everyone at a lower cost.”

With NamesCon 2016 taking place in January 2016, the timing of the release is not coincidental; during this year’s NamesCon, the biggest domain conference of the industry, Uniregistry’s presence was the strongest among all exhibitors.

Looking forward to more exciting news from the platform, originally created to manage Frank Schilling’s domain portfolio, and available to all domain investors since 2012.

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