Uniregistry App gets Chinese domain access

Uniregistry has updated its well-received Uniregistry app to version 2.6.0.

The latest release introduces the ability to do business in China, by offering .CN domain registrations via the app.

While .CN domains are cheap to the tune of under $10, there are certain requirements in order to register a Chinese ccTLD.

What is the list of changes in the latest release of the Uniregistry app? See below for a summary.

  • Added: .CN support, you can now register a .CN in the app.
  • Fixed: Accounts defaults not always being applied.
  • Improvement: Adding CSV files for importing.
  • Improvement: Updating some loading progresses to Android O.
  • Improvement: Updated the lock icon in manage.
  • Improvement: Privacy handling for ccTLDs.

To download the Uniregistry app for Android devices, visit Google Play.

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