Want a car in Vegas? Car.Vegas to the rescue

If you’re looking for transportation while in Las Vegas, a limo is an option for large parties.

For regular trips, rent a car, and in the new era of the expanded Internet namespace, Car.Vegas is the place to be.

Not to rent a car from, of course, but to find information on such rentals, and more.

Developed swiftly by Bruce and Tiffany Marler under their Design.Vegas brand, Car.Vegas is not only easy to remember, it’s already on the first page of Bing, when searching for the particular keywords.

The screenshot below will attest to that.

Bruce is confident that soon, Google will be the next one to conquer.

Among other Design.Vegas projects, Sushi.Vegas is on the menu and several assorted apps.

Expect a big presence of the newly-founded company during NamesCon 2016 in Las Vegas as well!

For more info, visit Car.Vegas.


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