Was Kim ‘packing’ at Webfest?

The news about uber-celebrity Kim Kardashian never seem to end; from her pregnancy status, to her monumental speech at Webfest.

Kim kept an entire room erect, according to Ron Jackson at DNJournal, who states:

“[…] celebrity entrepreneur and social media star Kim Kardashian attracted a standing room only crowd.”

Meanwhile, it’s been announced that a photo of Kim Kardashian’s diamond studded handgun was uploaded on Instagram; the photo was removed soon after, but the question remains: Was Kim Kardashian “packing” when she attended Webfest?

Photos of the diamond-encrusted weapon, anΒ Yves-Saint Laurent handgun and Kim shooting a rifle, can be seen here.

We are certain that security must have been draconian before, during and after the keynote speech by the callipygous expectant mother.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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