Who says you cannot sell a trademarked domain?

Who says you cannot sell a trademarked domain?

At first sight, this thought-provoking statement would appear to be a cybersquatter’s mantra but instead it’s coming from an experienced attorney, Ari Goldberger.

The ESQwire founder has been fighting on the side of domain investors for more than 20 years; so what exactly does he mean by that statement?

ESQwire.com – Founded by Ari Goldberger, Esq.

In a recent message, Ari explained his statement in case there are misunderstandings:

At ESQwire, we don’t only defend domains, we sell them!

While we’ve been fighting for domainers for over 20 years, setting legal precedent and winning hundred of cases, we’ve also been involved in some of largest premium domain name transactions, involving over $100 million in domain sales.

As lawyers, we’ve been up against, and worked with, many large companies and countries. We’re not intimidated by size.

If you have a valuable premium common term domain but are worried about the legal consequences of approaching a trademark owner, let us do it for you! We’ll do a trademark search, legal evaluation and, if we conclude that a solicitation would be in good faith, we’ll make the approach and see if we can score a sale.

If you’re fascinated by this potential send Ari an email – Premium domain names only.

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