World Cup 2018 : Number one enemy of #domain investing is about to launch

The number one enemy of domain investing is getting ready to launch, and the results can be devastating.

We’re not talking about GDPR, which has been testing the nerves of domainers around the world lately.

This time around, it’s socceror football, as it’s known outside of the US – and the FIFA World Cup 2018 taking place in Russia.

Billions of (real) football fans will watch the games, from June 14th to July 15th.

As such, these 30 days dedicated to the “round goddess” will be considerably unproductive for other tasks, including domain investing. Just give up on accomplishing anything else! 😀

Whether your national team made it to the final round of World Cup 2018, or whether you just enjoy the sport, thirty days of world class football will help quench your thirst for the next four years.

Remember: World Cup is a registered trademark, along with others, and one should avoid registering domains that infringe on these marks. See more information on the FIFA World Cup trademarks.

World Cup 2018 – Photo by Click and Boo on Unsplash

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3 Responses to “World Cup 2018 : Number one enemy of #domain investing is about to launch”
  1. R P says:

    Diving in a bit deeper, there are 116 live USPTO trademarks that include the words “World Cup” including “baseball World Cup”, “e-sports World Cup”, “rugby World Cup”, and “world cup of cards”. Including dead trademarks there are 444. Clearly if you put up soccer/football content on a World Cup related domain you are probably not in good shape. Most importantly stay away from “FIFA” and “FIFA World Cup” in a domain.

  2. DomainGang says:

    R P – Good points. Let’s not forget other blatant abuse, e.g. names of football players, especially the ones that somehow become heroes although unknown to the world until that special moment. 😀

  3. Sal Vance says:

    They didn’t trademark “Men’s World Cup”.

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