WWDC22: Domain squatters’ paradise event about to begin

Apple’s event, WWDC22, is about to begin today at 1:00 PM Pacific Time.

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference this week will occupy headlines in tech, geek, and rumor publications, as Apple prepares to unveil its latest software and hardware.

Millions of remote participants from around the world will include domain squatters opportunistic domain investors eager to register every possible combination of the brands-to-be-unveiled.

Mere minutes or even seconds after the announcement of brand new products, product upgrades, and even speculations of products, the matching domain names will be registered in .com, .net, .org and perhaps even .xyz.

“I’m excited and ready to roll in the dough, Apple video stream open in one browser window and GoDaddy.com in the other,” says Mark Sqwatter from Athens, Georgia, via Zoom call.

“If Apple wants these fine domains they can buy them from me, am I right? If they failed to register them before the announcement that means they are fair game, am I right?” added Mark Sqwatter, smiling.

The lucrative practice of brand and domain squatting generates top dollar every year. Not every infringing domain name ends in a UDRP and some registrants are motivated by their distance from trademark holders whose brands they choose to violate:

“Apple product great product in China, we love luxury product and domain show value for product,” says Chinese domain investor Xiping Qing, adding: “Trademark in China mean, give fair money buy domain, Apple phone made in China so is good action register!”

Serious domain investors watching Apple’s WWDC22 conference will definitely abstain from this practice, opting to wait until these new announced products make it past current supply chain issues.

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