Xana.com: CVCV domain was sold for $20,056 dollars

Memorable and short, Xana.com is a CVCV domain that expired, got deleted, and was re-registered by DropCatch.

The ensuing auction ended today, scoring $20,056 dollars for the popular platform. The auction’s winner, DropCatch member “lekim1985” appears to have already paid for the domain, as Xana.com has been renewed until 2032.

Phonetically, Xana means “again” or “one more time” in Greek. Xana is a string registered in at least 90 other TLDs, gTLDs and ccTLDs.

The top search result for “Xana” in Google is that of Xana, a Canadian pop singer whose domain name is XanaOfficial.com. According to that, Xana is an emerging pop powerhouse based in Vancouver, Canada.

It’s quite possible that the auction involved someone from her agent’s office but it’s too early to tell, as Xana.com still displays the standard DropCatch lander.

Prior to its recent drop, Xana.com was registered to a Spanish registrant with a registration date in 2000.

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