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Domainers : Make your vote count, no matter who you vote for


Go out and vote.

It’s Election Day in the US, and also time for the November Editorial here at DomainGang.

For months now, domain investors both in the US and abroad have been pouring out their political beliefs, and into their daily routine.

From blog posts to domain acquisitions, politics has seeped into daily life, often eroding its very enjoyment.

There have been fierce arguments on social media as well, and polarization has led to strong statements; even associates and friends have clashed, sometimes fiercely, over the expected outcome of this election in the US.

As if domain investors didn’t already disagree on so many things, our daily routine was loaded with one more thing to argue about! 😀

Personally, I believe that people should vote with their conscience.

Weigh what’s at stake, evaluate all candidates – not just the ones most likely to win this race – and cast your ballot. Your vote should be as personal as your choice of coffee flavor.

Democracy is about rights that we can exercise, while keeping in mind the obligations we have towards our community, our co-patriots and the nation.

In the end, every vote counts, representing every one of us.

There is no excuse not to vote in this Presidential Election, and there’s no excuse not to keep things civilized; at the end of the day we should be united and feel confident that Democracy works, because we are all part of it.

Go out and vote. Make it count.

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