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Editorial : The world knows very little about domain names but you can help change that

Welcome to another DomainGang editorial.

As strange as it may seem, domain investors take one thing for granted: that by now, the general public knows everything they need to know about domain names.

Let me tell you how completely false this perception is.

In fact, the general public, ranging from common folk of every age, to professionals in many industries, knows next to nothing about domain investing and the domainer world.

That’s right, it’s an illusion domainers have been nurtured with, along with the notion that only generic, one word .com domains are worth one’s time and investment.

But it’s great that those outside of the domain industry have no clue what the hell we’re doing, because it’s a raw, untapped market eager to learn and – guess what – spend!

This is the single best opportunity for the domainer crowd, individuals and companies, to flaunt their best and reach out to educate and impress the masses.

Whether you’re a hardcore, old school dot com’mer, or a new age gTLD aficionado, the time is now to show to the world what the hell you’re doing.

Gone is the era of single-threaded, tunnel-vision domain conferences that encourage a cult-like, “members only” mentality.

The time is ripe for open, multi-discipline gatherings welcoming professionals of many industries, that invite and educate people from “the street” and the open market.

This year, both NameSummit in glamorous New York City, and MERGE! in theme park centric Orlando, aim at bridging the final yards of the gap between domain investing and general entrepreneurship.

Within them, lies the dynamic, evolving future of the domain investing industry.

These conferences will continue to set a new paradigm in how our domain industry grows, and becomes an important cog in the ever-turning wheel of technology, communications, marketing, and consumer awareness.

Plan to be there, and help shape the future.

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