End-users don’t care about the .com price increase by #Verisign

It’s a sad realization of corporate greed: Verisign secured in its .com contract to increase its base pricing up to 7% annually.

ICANN, overseers of TLDs and a company that is supposed to negotiate better contracts benefiting the consumer did not invite other, potentially more capable registries to an open bid.

Ergo, more expensive domains for everyone that uses .com from September 1st. Domain investors will feel the pinch and will most definitely pass the price increase to the buyers of their domain assets. In fact, many domainers have already tagged a 10% price increase “just because.”

But the sad truth is that end-user registrants won’t feel a thing about Verisign’s 7% price increase for .com domains, that is relayed through domain registrars. End-user registrants operate on a single domain on average, and those that own more than one are using them for business or personal use; these domains are already overpriced by retail registrars that tag extras, such as web hosting, to the mix.

Verisign is not impervious to market expectations, however: its stock has dropped to the $211 range after hitting a peak of $232 in July.

Verisign has a new contract to raise .com prices – Photo by Tai’s Captures on Unsplash

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One Response to “End-users don’t care about the .com price increase by #Verisign”
  1. Riley says:

    Good point. Most people do not care about something if they don’t feel personally impacted by it. Even if it is wrong or causing harm, they will not care enough to act to stop it or will even take satisfaction that it is hurting others and not themselves.

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