Trading premium domains: Is this type of exchange worthy?

Money is the universal token that can be exchanged for goods and services, having been such a neutral medium for thousands of years.

Selling domains for money is the straightforward approach that most domain investors take. Whether it’s a negotiated deal or a BIN exchange, money goes into the seller’s pocket and the domain is delivered in the possession of the buyer.

An even more ancient practice is to trade goods for other goods. It was the first method that humans used to exchange food for clothing, weapons, and shiny add-ons. Trading domains for other domains is therefore an option, but just how easy is it?

In a recently shared exchange, the domain name was traded for several other domains.

French entrepreneur, Francois Carrillo, resisted monetary offers in the $80,000 dollar range, while the buyer, David Vassallo, declined to meet the buyer’s asking price of $300,000 dollars. Both parties tangoed for the better part of two years before an agreement was finally reached at the end of last year.

What followed was a domain trade of premium domains leaving both parties very satisfied with the exchange. While we cannot disclose the domains that Francois accepted in exchange for, it was an ingenious trade that was priceless!

Premium domains can be exchanged for other premium domains; after all, there are so-called “liquid domains” that can be used instead of money. In this case, David Vassallo received a worthy domain upgrade to his lowly .co, all while Francois Carrillo received the type of domains he’s known to flip for multiples of the acquisition value.

If you are inspired by this domain name trade, nothing stops you from trading domain names with others, as long as you ensure there is a written agreement that records the exchange.

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