Trading premium domains: Is this type of exchange worthy?

Money is the universal token that can be exchanged for goods and services, having been such a neutral medium for thousands of years. Selling domains for money is the straightforward approach that most domain investors take. Whether it’s a negotiated deal or a BIN exchange, money goes into the seller’s pocket and the domain is […]

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The domain was acquired by entrepreneur Daniel Vassallo, in what appears to be a domain or cash plus domains exchange. Vassallo has upgraded his business domain to, a platform to network with other startup founders, from the lesser domain According to Daniel Vassallo, the transaction involved the exchange of the domain with […]

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Entrepreneur chatter: Here are two domain sales never reported before!

Following entrepreneurs talking online about potential and past domain acquisitions can lead to the discovery of domain sales. In a long thread that Daniel Vassallo started about, a domain he’s been trying to get from Francois Carrillo, two previously unreported domain sales were mentioned. Speaking about negotiation techniques, entrepreneur Erik Kaiser spent $30,000 dollars […]

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