Trading premium domains: Is this type of exchange worthy?

Money is the universal token that can be exchanged for goods and services, having been such a neutral medium for thousands of years. Selling domains for money is the straightforward approach that most domain investors take. Whether it’s a negotiated deal or a BIN exchange, money goes into the seller’s pocket and the domain is […]

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The domain was acquired by entrepreneur Daniel Vassallo, in what appears to be a domain or cash plus domains exchange. Vassallo has upgraded his business domain to, a platform to network with other startup founders, from the lesser domain According to Daniel Vassallo, the transaction involved the exchange of the domain with […]

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Small bets: Ready to accept a lowball offer with a “joint venture” caveat

Placing a lowball offer for a domain name takes place in two ways: Either the initial offer is objectively lower than the asking price, or The counter-offer isn’t respected In the case of, entrepreneur Daniel Vassallo believed that countering with a $5,500 dollar offer to a $300k asking price was a fun move up […]

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Rick Schwartz: “GO AWAY!”

If there’s one lesson to learn from the top domain investor, Rick Schwartz, is how to decline and say “no” to domain offers that don’t reflect proper value. The Domain King has been sharing his experience as a domain investor and as an entrepreneur; having turned down offers totaling millions of dollars, he knows how […]

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