Being first is what counts

It’s hard to believe that the first domain name ever registered was Back in the day, the internet was a wild and untamed frontier, with no rules or regulations to speak of.

But in the midst of all this chaos, one brave and visionary company stepped forward to claim the coveted title of first .com domain name ever registered:

Yes, that’s right, the first ever domain name was registered by a company called Symbolics so they did the smartest move, registering the matching .com. Many startups these days fail to even do that!

They must have thought they had struck internet gold, with their spiffy, totally original domain name. Little did they know that their domain name would soon become a laughing stock among the internet elite.

“ What kind of a name is that?” sneered the internet trolls, ten years later, as they were finally able to search the web for the latest and greatest domain names to mock.

“It’s like they glued together a bunch of random characters and hoped for the best,” the internet gurus chimed in, “It sounds like an ancient Greek tribe name from the war of Troy! Oh wait, that’s the Myrmidons!”

But despite the ample ridicule and scorn, Symbolics held their ground and continued to proudly proclaim their status as the first .com domain name ever registered.

“We may not have the coolest name,” they declared, “but we were here first, and that’s what counts!”

And so, the legacy of lives on, a reminder of the wild and wacky early days of the internet, and a testament to the never-say-die spirit of the pioneering companies who helped shape the world wide web.

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