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New York City 1970 : The oldest #domain ever registered?

New York City, 1970. The Vietnam war was still raging at the time, but business was strong in the Big Apple. In this pre-disco era, funk is strong, and so is crime. Drugs, prostitution, murder – the core elements in NYC of the early 70’s led to its nickname at the time: Fear City. And […]

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Shocking : You can buy the “first domain” for only $20,000 dollars!

When it comes down to buying aged domains, they arrive with a price tag representative of their maturity. Old domain names can be very expensive, and can cost tens of thousands of dollars, or more. Just how much would one have to pay to acquire the first domain? That’s hard to answer, without disclosing the […]

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#Symbolics .com : Oldest .com #domain now hosting an Internet museum

Symbolics.com, the oldest registered .com domain, is a piece of Internet history on its own accord. Registered on March 15, 1985, this domain relic represents the beginning of the domain industry’s 30+ year history. Aron Maystedt, owner of Symbolics.com since 2009, announced the addition of an Internet Museum as a permanent exhibit on Symbolics.com. The […]

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