#Symbolics .com : Aron Meysted’s #domain baby is now 35 years old

Happy 35th birthday, Symbolics.com.

The first domain name ever to be registered, on March 15, 1985, celebrates is third-and-a-half decade today. 😀

Aron Meystedt‘s baby of a domain is a milestone of Internet history. Back in the day, nobody had ever heard about domain names. Aron wasn’t much of a toddler either, but in 2009 he acquired Symbolics.com from the founders of the software company that made history.

That’s right. The registrants of Symbolics.com could have had ANY domain they wanted: Sex.com, ABC.com, or Banana.com. Instead, they did the obvious: registered the matching .com of their brand. Thousands of companies fail to do the same thing today!

Since 1985, hundreds of millions of domain names have been registered, and domain investing is considered to be a lucrative business that makes everyone ultra rich (we are just kidding about that last part.)

So HAPPY 35TH, Symbolics.com.

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