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#Symbolics .com : Aron Meysted’s #domain baby is now 35 years old

Happy 35th birthday, Symbolics.com. The first domain name ever to be registered, on March 15, 1985, celebrates is third-and-a-half decade today. 😀 Aron Meystedt‘s baby of a domain is a milestone of Internet history. Back in the day, nobody had ever heard about domain names. Aron wasn’t much of a toddler either, but in 2009 […]

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Symbolics and BTTF : Where were you on March 15, 1985 ?

Thirty years ago, to the day, the first .com domain name was being registered. On a late Friday evening, no less, as if a bureaucrat had to clear out their tray of incoming tasks before heading home, Symbolics.com was recorded as “taken”. Millions of domain registrations later, it’s interesting to look back and reflect – […]

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