Do you want to buy Frank Schilling’s first #domain name?

We all remember our first domain name registration, and some of us still own that “precious” domain name.

Maybe that first domain is crap, but we are attached to it. Or, perhaps, that domain is semi-decent, as in the case of uber domain investor, Frank Schilling.

The Uniregistry founder actually still holds his first domain name name, and it’s for sale at an affordable price.

According to our sources, Frank Schilling’s first domain name is

Wow. What a far cry from today’s trend in registering single dictionary .com domains, eh?

Registered on August 29, 1999, Frank’s first domain is 20 years old! 😀

It seems that $9,880 dollars would buy this domain today, according to an Afternic listing. Or, negotiate for it via the Uniregistry Market.

Frank Schilling, Uniregistry founder.

What was your first domain name, and do you still own it?

Want to sell it? List it below.

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  1. .info says:

    My first registered and first sold domain name was 🙂

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