Thor Larseneng: The Swedish domain god

Thor Larseneng, most known domainer of Sweden

Thor Larseneng, most known domainer of Sweden

When he was just 6 years old, Thor Larseneng ran 8 miles from his home in Kruuka, in the middle of a snowstorm, found his little sister Helga and carried her back to safety. Today, the 6ft 4″ blond giant from Sweden continues to impress with his skills in women-carrying competitions, a dominant sport in the countries close to the Arctic circle.

Thor also owns the largest domain portfolio in Sweden, more than 18,000 domains related to all-things Swedish: from to he is more famous in Sweden than the Abba; and all that without having to sing horrible songs.

“Ha! I started when domains was something like stamps to collect und my friends gathered in vinter around the fire, ha! Zo, we had to use GoDaddy but eventuuuuually, ze SvenskaRegistraaatorshulePunkt became a reality. It only costs 85 krona to get a .se domain and zat is goot!”

Among the top jewels of his collection, Thor is fond of two names: and – these fully developed portals attract hundreds of visitors daily that want to check the temperature of various ice from fjords or to find other single men, women and bisexuals from around the country. Sweden is known for their liberal approach to pornography; “Billie Boi” – a famous 70’s movie was filmed by Thor’s father, Jurgen.

“Ja, my pops was that good and made money in porno but I make more money from domains, ha! It’s very gut with economy and during the 6 months of darkness in the vinter when we gather around ze fire and sing Klametushe, the song of fun and frolicking. A lot of beer, ha! And a lot of funny domain registrations. “

So far, Thor’s online business is thriving, particularly his ultra-micro-mini-tiny portal web design firm, “Shtuppewebb”. Thor is tapping the online mines of thousands of lazy or drunk Swedes that want their MySpace or Facebook profiles designed for a fee.

“It’s faaantastik!”, Thor exclaims. “We charge them 25 krona for a ficken page done in 5 minutes and we call it mass development. Zo far, very many domainers in Sweden and of course Norway are comming to us for service. Mass development und qualitat domains, zat is what we do.”

Thor’s next project is domainer television – a first in Sweden, where the channels are strictly politics, sports, cooking and porn. Thor plans to make domaining more popular than Channel 69 that displays hardcore pornography 24/7.

“It’s going to bee gut!”, Thor says smiling wide. “We know sex is good butt domains is better in the long run.”

We wish good luck to Thor Larseneng and all the best to his online ventures and promise to return in 6 months, when the sun rises again in Sweden.

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