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Sick! Vultures selling domain names about the death of Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs passing away earlier today appears to be the talk of the evening. It is expected that millions will pay their respects around the world.

The founder of Apple died tonight from complications arising from pancreatic cancer, leaving behind a legacy unlike that of any other visionary of the post-war 20th century.

Meanwhile, vulture domainers attempt to sell domain names with Steve Jobs, such as this one on eBay.

Truly preposterous!

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3 Responses to “Sick! Vultures selling domain names about the death of Steve Jobs”
  1. Gnanes says:

    Stevejobs dot com is owned by a guy in Korea. Apple should try to get it. Parked page is showing Apple related ads.

  2. shammy says:

    RIP Steve Jobs.
    rememberingstevejobs.com – a domain vulture is already put a site with ads. what a disgrace.

  3. shammy says:

    Please don’t give the vulture a backlink.

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