Yahoo Launches New Programming Language: YO!

YOIn an effort to beat Google’s launch with its own programming language called, Go, Yahoo releases its own version called: YO!

Yahoo officials described YO! as an “experimental language” that attempts to competitively confuse the hell out of any developer. It combines modern day street talk with short code lines in an effort to produce speed and compatibility throughout all programming flavors.

Team members are excited as they describe the concept of YO!

“In our experiments with YO! to date, the code compiles fast like a mofo. It’s really, for real, like fast.”

Meanwhile, on the Frequently Asked Questions page of the YO! development team website, the FAQ stated:

“YO! For realz my developa! We try to bring yo azz the shiniz of all dev shiz”.

Indeed, in the same FAQ, Yahoo admits that YO! was developed to give its developers something to do and not necessarily meant for a productive environment.

“We threw the concept together like two days ago. I mean, we have to piggyback off Google’s press release somehow, right?”

Among the trends behind the origin of YO! are:

  • People English is gettin’ dumber, yo. We needs programming language yo people can understand, can yo diggit?
  • Why the hell not? Google be doing it. So be we.
  • It’s boring here.

YO! is to be released sometime in the spring of 2015 but not before the fifth full moon rises over California while the previous winter frost has just melted but sometime after the first cricket burps.

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4 Responses to “Yahoo Launches New Programming Language: YO!”
  1. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Ask your mom. She loves to read it.

  2. Roma says:

    Great joke!

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