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Yo! article by Giovanni ‘Crazee’ Mossolini causes chaos in the Russian programming community

The recent article titled “Yahoo Launches New Programming Language: YO!” by our staff writer Giovanni “Crazee” Mossolini created a spectacular followship with the Russian programming community, who blogged, tweeted and posted code samples of the new programming language devised by Yahoo. As many as 3,000 unique visitors from Russia visited DomainGang.com to read the article […]

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Yahoo Launches New Programming Language: YO!

In an effort to beat Google’s launch with its own programming language called, Go, Yahoo releases its own version called: YO! Yahoo officials described YO! as an “experimental language” that attempts to competitively confuse the hell out of any developer. It combines modern day street talk with short code lines in an effort to produce […]

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Chicago2016.com domain value reduced to reg fee

Chicago, Illinois – The Sports Weekly Morale plummeted overnight in Chicago’s streets, as news of Rio de Janeiro becoming the host city for the 2016 Olympics was announced across the Internet. In street gang forums, MySpace and Twitter, the news was heard loud and clear. The result was unexpected to many, despite the recent violent […]

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