Donuts, Inc. identifies ‘Fail’ as a top search keyword in 2013

Donuts, Inc., the largest gTLD applicant with 305 gTLD applications, identified ‘Fail‘ as the second most searched for term for 2013. According to the Global Language Monitor, ‘404’ is the Top Word, ‘Toxic Politics’ the Top Phrase  and Pope Francis the Top searched-for Name of 2013. The results, as presented in the Global Language Monitor’s […]

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The night I almost found Guy Kawasaki dead in a pool full of money

The image was too hard to comprehend; there was a dead man in my pool and he was floating, half-naked, face down, along with thousands of dollar bills scattered in the water. So I stood half-frozen in the middle of a warm, yet indifferent Florida night that felt confusingly surreal; the domain conference cocktail party […]

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Chicago, Illinois – The Sports Weekly Morale plummeted overnight in Chicago’s streets, as news of Rio de Janeiro becoming the host city for the 2016 Olympics was announced across the Internet. In street gang forums, MySpace and Twitter, the news was heard loud and clear. The result was unexpected to many, despite the recent violent […]

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