and the Olympics : Gloves are off

The Olympics in Rio are over, and for many around the world, that’s a relief. Sponsors and brand advertisers of athletes that aren’t certified by the International Olympic Committee, view the Olympics with mixed feelings. After all, the IOC is in full control of who can post images bearing its long-standing trademarks, or even reference […]

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Chinese domain market report : Paper-cutting grandma honors Olympians

China is proud of its athletes, and national pride runs high, all while the Olympics are ongoing in Rio. The Chinese need no VPN for that! Athletes receive a high social statue in China, as in every other nation; Deng Rongrong, a Chinese 72 year old grandma has decided to immortalize them on paper cut-outs. […]

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Chinese domain market report : China thrives on VPN use

If you live in China, many western destinations are blocked by the Great Firewall. Popular web sites such as Google and Facebook are not directly accessible by the average Chinese Internet user. According to Internet Live Stats, China has a staggering 721.4 million Internet users, with a population penetration of 52.2%. The obvious solution to […]

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Zscaler finds an astonishing 80% of ‘Olympic’ sites to be scams or spam!

Zscaler, a cloud security company, posted the results of a research about “Olympic” domains. It turns out, that a whopping 80% of the domains that contained the string “Olympics” were related to scams and spam. The company goes on to classify these domains and web sites into three main categories: Typo squatting Olympic domains TV […]

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Google stuck with Winter Olympics logo for good!

Search engine giant Google is known for using different versions of its homepage logo when certain events of worldwide interest take place. Although the end of year holidays are viewed as an acceptable annual event, Google also promotes such obscure events as Isaac Newton’s birthday and the Festival of Kites. In an exclusive agreement, Google […]

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Chicago, Illinois – The Sports Weekly Morale plummeted overnight in Chicago’s streets, as news of Rio de Janeiro becoming the host city for the 2016 Olympics was announced across the Internet. In street gang forums, MySpace and Twitter, the news was heard loud and clear. The result was unexpected to many, despite the recent violent […]

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