and the Olympics : Gloves are off

The Olympics in Rio are over, and for many around the world, that’s a relief.

Sponsors and brand advertisers of athletes that aren’t certified by the International Olympic Committee, view the Olympics with mixed feelings.

After all, the IOC is in full control of who can post images bearing its long-standing trademarks, or even reference the Olympic games at all.

Rule 40 is a regulation enforced by the IOC, which prohibits athletes from marketing themselves during the most high-profile two weeks of their career – the Olympics. Meanwhile, official sponsors and the IOC can profit.

A new web site is up at that seeks to organize a movement to oppose and cancel Rule40.

Its creators launched a campaign showcasing how prohibitive the rule 40 requirements are, by removing any reference of the Olympics from their social media coverage.

The end result is reminiscent of The Super Bowl® that gets to be referred to as “the Big Game” in the US.

Visit for more details.

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