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Tokyo2021.org registrant fails to convince #WIPO board about golfing in #Tokyo 2021

The 2020 Olympiad in Tokyo, Japan was postponed until 2021, and the TOKYO 2020 trademark is still being used to decide whether domains infringe on this Olympic mark. The registrant of the domain Tokyo2021.org asserts it was put together for a …golfing tournament he planned in Tokyo. We warned about such silly registrations involving TOKYO […]

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#Tokyo2021 Olympic #domains : Let the #Cybersquatting games begin!

Cybersquatters are snapping up “Tokyo 2021” domain names bearing the Olympic trademarks, hoping to capitalize on the change in the Olympiad. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) moved the Tokyo 2020 Olympics to 2021, shifting the year and triggering a digital gold rush. That’s one side effect of the Coronavirus pandemic! Meanwhile, in Japan, a research […]

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