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Donuts : Domain investor registered all 200,000 two character domains

If you planned to participate in the great extravaganza sale by Donuts, organized by Uniregistry, you might be a bit late. According to Donuts, a single domain investor registered all available 200,000 two-character domains across every single Donuts gTLD, earlier today. “It’s a remarkable feat, surpassing that of Mike Mann’s from a few years back,” […]

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Uniregistry to market more than 200,000 two character domain names

A recent announcement by Uniregistry shared two interesting tidbits of information, related to domain names. Uniregistry now has 1 million domain names under management. A large number – 200,000 – of two character domains will be released soon. The two character domains include letter/letter (LL), number/number (NN) and letter/number (LN) domains in gTLDs launched by […]

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