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Donuts : Domain investor registered all 200,000 two character domains

All donuts are gone.

All the 2-char donuts are gone.

If you planned to participate in the great extravaganza sale by Donuts, organized by Uniregistry, you might be a bit late.

According to Donuts, a single domain investor registered all available 200,000 two-character domains across every single Donuts gTLD, earlier today.

“It’s a remarkable feat, surpassing that of Mike Mann’s from a few years back,” said Donuts CEO, Paul Stahura.

“They simply went from AA to ZZ and from A1 to 9Z in every string we offer, registering them through some ingenious script running on an experimental iPad Pro. It happened this morning in under one hour!” exclaimed Stahura.

Effectively, the Registry ran out of domain donuts. Or donuts domains.

The mysterious domain registrant, identified only by the initials F.S. left a small digital trail behind:

“We only know it’s an “F.S.” from the Cayman Islands, there is no other info as to who this person might be,” said Paul Stahura, looking baffled.

If you know anyone from the Caymans whose name matches the description, please let us know.

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One Response to “Donuts : Domain investor registered all 200,000 two character domains”
  1. Jyothi says:

    It must be Frank Schilling (F.S) from Cayman Islands

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