Daryl says: Beer and domains? Whatever…

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Hey domainers… what’s up. It’s my first article here on DomainGang so let me introduce myself.

I’m Daryl and I do domains. OK, so I have a collection of domains. I started registering them a while back. Don’t remember when because I drink a lot.

My friends call me Daryl the Drunk Domainer.

Whatever, they are just haters.

A lot of people in the domain industry are haters. I even went to one of these conferences and they hated me because I’m smarter than them.

Not to mention, I’m better looking. The ladies loved me, I brought them martinis and we talked about domains and their favorite underwear.

Beer and domains go together like peas and carrots (although I hate carrots).

How so?

Well… When you have Rick Schwartz busting your chops daily about pigeon domains and how you don’t have anything good, you pop a cold one and you become Marchex instantly.

Hell, beer makes me become a better domainer, I take more risks. Without taking risks in life you don’t go forward. If you just sit on your extra fat behind you will grow roots past your pants.

Domains and beer are a special combo. You have to sip beer when you do research. If Google search results aren’t what you believed it could be for a particular term, who fricking cares!

I had an offer last night for a domain, that was crap. The offer, not the domain. My domains are never crap. The real crap exists in the brain of the anonymous person who thinks that just because I’m drunk I’m also stupid.


Anyhow. Here’s my advice for today so grab it while it’s still baptized in alcohol vapors: just ignore the crap you hear from the big mouths. Do your own thing, pop a cold one and stick your middle finger out and up for the world to see.

Later domainers!

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One Response to “Daryl says: Beer and domains? Whatever…”
  1. landon white says:

    Hey Now!

    “Just say Fuck You to Conformity
    and stock up on some beer cases …

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