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ADD Domainer.

Welcome to the first edition of ADD Domainer, an once-in-a-blue-moon magazine about domain names, domainers gone crazy, sales, happenings and other snippets from the domain community.

These news snippets are designed to hinder your attention deficit disorder from kicking in, so they take very little time to – OMG, did you see that squirrel???

Tia Wood has a submission calling for domains and web sites to sell and raise funds for a good cause. Click it.

Meanwhile, Patrick Ruddell of the Chef Patrick fame – a web site that’s gathering dust – has been preparing a new, muscly project about fitness. Stay tuned, and eat your pop tarts.

Mike Bahlitzanakis launched and he sells domains at $99 a pop. Has he gone bahlitz crazy?

Jared Ewy of is preparing to launch a Multiplicity inspired video about domain names, with multiple instances of himself. Oops, didn’t mean to leak that info, Steve. I love pizza.

NamesCon is offering 2 domain conference tickets for the price of 1, good until 11:59:59pm Eastern on March 31st. Like, tomorrow.

Rick Schwartz has retired from active domaining, but he’s still very much the Domain King.

Brian Gilbert‘s wife, Charlotte, wasn’t too happy about his reference to domainer “chicks.” Read the interview for the rest of the dirt.

You can still hand register fun .com domains, apparently – not all are taken: Example

Jamie Zoch moved his corporate sales column, from dotWeekly to The Domains, digging up some important corporate acquisitions. OMG, look at the clock!

See you next time, at ADD Domainer. But seriously, did you see that squirrel?



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