Domain on a stick: Two wives battle over comedian’s last name in .com

Comedian Jeff Dunham is popular for his use of puppets and ventriloquism to deliver side-splitting comedy.

And that’s where the fun ends, because his former and current wife are embattled in a ‘cybersquatting‘ lawsuit over their last names.

It’s not rare for divorced wives to retain their former husband’s name, particularly if they became known by it professionally.

In this case, Audrey Dunham, Jeff Dunham’s current wife, filed a lawsuit against his ex wife, Paige Dunham.

After divorcing in 2010, Paige Dunham – an executive producer of films – retained her last name of Dunham. Apparently, the feud between the former and ex wife extended in the cyberworld, as Paige Dunham registered the following domain names:


The lawsuit states that the “Defendent knew at the time she registered the Accused Domains, that Plaintiff would soon change her name to AUDREY DUNHAM.”

On January 31, 2012 while Jeff and Audrey were engaged to be married, Audrey filed for a trademark registration for ‘Audrey Dunham’ in a class for personal fitness services and consultation and food nutrition, with an “intent to use” clause.

Paige Dunham reportedly asked for tens of thousands of dollars for each domain name from Audrey Dunham, in order to hand over the domains. The lawsuit seeks damages of up to $100,000 per domain name for ‘cyberpiracy prevention’.

It definitely isn’t funny for Jeff Dunham, we believe. For more info on the lawsuit, click here. Or watch the video below.

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