Scout Media sells $9.5 million dollars’ worth of domains and digital assets to CBS


Scout Media Inc., a digital publisher operating numerous content web sites about sports teams, will be selling its assets to CBS.

The company operates from, along with

After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in December, a New York bankruptcy court authorized the sale by Scout Media to proceed on Tuesday, for the sum of $9.5 million dollars.

In addition to several hundred domain names and websites, the sale includes computer and office equipment.

The buyer, CBS, owns, that covers college football and basketball recruiting.

It operates several subscription-based web sites dedicated to individual school teams. Scout charges $100 dollars /year for access to its network of web sites, while 247Sports charges its users $150 dollars per year.

We identified 640 domain names that are managed by Scout Media, Inc. currently, although this is not an official list of assets to be included in this multi-million dollar sale.

The most notable domains are, and (Fishing-related.)

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2 Responses to “Scout Media sells $9.5 million dollars’ worth of domains and digital assets to CBS”
  1. Eric Lyon says:

    Some nice domains in that list, but most of them look like TM protection investments. It’s sad to see companies forced into bankruptcy and having to liquidate their assets.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Eric – there are plenty of team-specific domains on this list; they form a portfolio of domains that targets fans of football and basketball teams primarily. Naturally, there is a fair share of brand-protecting assets, as you mentioned. 🙂

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