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Sedo domains : Let’s be adult about it, during the European Summit

Sedo is reaching out to domain investors that own adult-themed domain names.

By that, Sedo means premium gaming, gambling and adult domains, and intends to promote these domains in a unique manner.

Sedo will be attending the European Summit in March, where select domains will be presented to the visitors.

Here’s how it will work:

At this international event, we will have Sedo representatives at our own booth making it both easy and accessible for visitors and business partners to discuss domains with us.

There will also be a large roll up display within the booth showcasing a selection of relevant names that are for sale. This will facilitate our brokers and potential buyers to get into negotiations directly on names of interest.

Sedo domain broker, Brian Michitti, will also have a speaking slot at the event, which gives us the opportunity to capture the attention of those participants to these particular domains.

So how will Sedo select these premium domains to be showcased at the European Summit?

Domain owners have until February 14thValentine’s Day – to submit their domains via email to consult@sedo.com.

Here are the requirements:

  • The domain ending (TLD) of the domain is a premium TLD and has achieved high-priced sales in the past (such as .com, .net or .co.uk)
  • The domain describes an existing product or service. Examples: car.com, creditcard.com or insurance.net
  • High SEO relevance: Words in your domain title achieve a high number of hits in search engines
  • The domain does not violate any third-party rights (such as brand rights, copyrights, or names of famous personalities)
  • The domain ending matches the language of the domain title (such as auto.de or car.com)
  • The search terms matching the domain have a high Cost-per-Click (CPC)
  • The domain is easy to spell and not susceptible to typos
  • The domain is short, consists of a real word, and is easy to remember. Such as book.com, creditcard.com or car.com

Sounds like a great opportunity to get your adult, gaming or gambling domains out to a rather large audience and seek prospective buyers!

For more information, visit Sedo.com.

Note: Sedo is a premium sponsor of DomainGang.com. We share news and information about their services and products, which we also use.

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