Verisign to amend latest report on 296 million domains

Don't worry about earthquakes, Verisign keeps the Internet running like a Swiss clock.

Verisign amended its latest report.

Verisign shared the latest quarterly report on the total number of domains on the Internet; the latest reported number was 296 million domain names.

This number, however, was contested by the XYZ Registry, that cited much larger registration numbers of its XYZ product in recent days.

XYZ CEO, Daniel Negari, presented those numbers in the most recent meeting of the Southern California Domainers, where he also unveiled the new XYZ brand.

Now, Verisign is about to issue an amendment to the report, in order to include about 2 billion .XYZ domains that have been registered this past week alone.

“We want to accurately present the data of domain registrations on the Internet, and this unfortunate omission of the XYZ growth has skewed the total numbers,” said Marty McPly of Verisign.

“The new numbers will hopefully paint a better picture of the growth of non-COM domains, gTLDs and .XYZ in particular. Verisign regrets the error,” added McPly.

With these corrections, the total number of domains is changed to 2.296 billion domains on the Internet, the vast majority of which are .XYZ.

The XYZ Registry has witnessed the largest growth among all Fortune 500 companies in recent months, surpassing Apple, Microsoft, Google and Alphabet Inc. combined.


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  1. Verisign should put its house in order and start giving us the right information.

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