Discrimination .com : Fabulous #domain stolen, then returned to owner

Discrimination.com was temporarily stolen yesterday, after an alleged hacker infiltrated the registrant’s account with Fabulous.com.

The very valuable domain became an easy target, as the WHOIS information was public. Its registrant was notified of the account change (“push”) and contacted the Fabulous.com support.

Within a few hours, the matter was resolved, thanks to the intervention of Mike Robertson. The domain Discrimination.com was returned to its legitimate owner, Manish, who praised Mike and Fabulous.com:

“Yesterday my domain Discrimination.com was stolen from my account and I was really worried. I reached out to Mike Robertson of Fabulous.com who helped me to get my domain back in time within few hours. Domain Industry has some of the most amazing guys.”

What could have gone wrong?

While no detailed information has been shared, we can speculate that someone spoofed a variant of the registrant’s email; we do not recommend using Gmail accounts with a dot.

It’s also possible that the registrant was fooled into confirming some type of validation or other spoofed message.

Always enable two factor authentication, use WHOIS privacy, and do not click on email links seeking your confirmation – even if they look legitimate.

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