#Domain crime : ASZ.com has been stolen since 2007

The three letter domain ASZ.com is still stolen, and the thief has set up a page faking its recovery.

The stupid scheme to legitimize the domain’s status was uncovered thanks to the registrant’s attempts to sell the domain on various domain venues, and getting blocked.

Flippa suspended the seller’s account debizetplimus, while NamePros confirmed that attempts to announce that the domain isn’t stolen, were made via a proxy account linked to the thief.  Escrow.com has banned the seller from their platform as well.

What is the story behind ASZ.com?

The domain was hijacked in 2007 by a notorious domain thief in China. They stole ASZ.com by registering a dropped domain that managed the registrant’s active email at the time.

Using different aliases and proxy sellers, the thief has attempted to sell ASZ.com on every domain venue possible, but the domain community has been reporting these attempts.

Bottom line: ASZ.com is a stolen domain. Read more about the thief here.

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