Domain crime : FBI seizes aged #domain #Pornstars .net and more than 380 others in sting operation

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has seized almost 390 domains breaking the law; among them is the domain that was registered in 1997.

The domain keywords of these domains relate to sex and escort services, most likely linked to a recent case of prostitution enabling and money laundering in Manhattan, NY. Many of these domains are .net or aged, and some have been listed for sale.

They now carry the following image:

Many of the domains involved in this raid appear to have been offered for sale. Others were being used to advertise escort services in New York, other cities in the US, and internationally.

Here’s a list of the domains we located:

Quite often, the FBI releases these seized domains after several years of renewals, that we are not sure who finances.

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  1. Don W. says:

    Some valuable generics in there.

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