Fake #Sedo app on Google Play might steal your login credentials!

There’s a fake Sedo app on Google Play, and it’s NOT by Sedo. The app will most likely steal your legitimate Sedo.com credentials, or worse!

The fake Sedo app for Android features a copycat layout of Sedo, the logo and tagline (“Buy.Park.Sell.Domains”) and its description is listed as:

“domain listing and parking and buying website. buy domain names and sell it and park it!”

The Sedo screenshot is legitimate, from a mobile capture of Sedo.com. Sedo does not have a dedicated app.

There have been more than 1,000 installs of the fake Sedo app so far! One person even complains their account was blocked, most likely after realizing their credentials were stolen and are unable to log into Sedo.com.

The “developer” is listed as “Salem Alkaabi” and appears to be associated with these domain names.

Kudos: Dale G.

Fake Sedo app on Google Play

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