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Fake #Sedo app on Google Play might steal your login credentials!

There’s a fake Sedo app on Google Play, and it’s NOT by Sedo. The app will most likely steal your legitimate Sedo.com credentials, or worse! The fake Sedo app for Android features a copycat layout of Sedo, the logo and tagline (“Buy.Park.Sell.Domains”) and its description is listed as: “domain listing and parking and buying website. […]

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Virus Shield: Fake Android #1 app is nothing but a scam

If you thought that spending $3.99 on an Android app is a bit too much, you’d at least expect the app to actually do something, right? Like, deliver the goods it promises. Virus Shield by a developer calling themselves “Deviant Solutions” received numerous rave reviews and recommendations at the Google Play store; as many as […]

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