Virus Shield: Fake Android #1 app is nothing but a scam

If you thought that spending $3.99 on an Android app is a bit too much, you’d at least expect the app to actually do something, right?

Like, deliver the goods it promises.

Virus Shield by a developer calling themselves “Deviant Solutions” received numerous rave reviews and recommendations at the Google Play store; as many as 10,000 downloads and a 4.7 star rating. It became the #1 paid app at the Google app store!


And it was all fake.

Android Police, a web site that exposes application scams and frauds, disassembled the app’s code, and the result is shocking: all that the app does, is change the graphic image from “insecure” to “secure” at the tap of a button.

In other words, for $3.99 one gets a nice pl-app-cebo effect. The app has now been removed from the store.

For the full exposure of the Virus Shield app by Deviant Solutions, click here to visit

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