Apparently there have been only 100 #UDRP cases against China’s .CN at the WIPO

WIPO has been a designated arbitrator for Chinese top level domains, .CN and .中国 (China) since 2019.

In the two years since, WIPO has been receiving complaints for these two TLDs, the majority of which are filed by entities in France, United States of America, Germany, China, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Switzerland-based WIPO announced that there have now been 100 such cases resolved via its center. The most frequent filing entities in this space have included Bulgari, Facebook, Osram, Siemens, and Tencent:

Complainants’ principal reasons for filing their .CN and .中国 cases have been that the registrant opportunistically tried to sell the domain name to the brand owner, that the registrant tried to impersonate the brand owner, or that it used the domain name to advertise competing goods or services. Complainants prevailed in 96 percent of these WIPO cases.

You can perform a quick search on these UDRP cases here.

Clearly not a record for China’s domain registrants to be proud of.

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