Briton wants to trademark DOT COM!

There’s a lot of potential in dot com domains and a British man wants to capitalize on that established success, it seems.

Filing for the registration of the mark DOT COM at the USPTO appears to be the first such step. The application involves a mascot with glasses and two identical hands, holding what appears to be a chalk and a board eraser.

Dot Com trademark application at the USPTO

Except, it’s not an eraser:

“The mark consists of the text “Dot Com” displayed in a standard font. The design includes a graphic representation placed above this text. This graphic representation consists of a stylized depiction of a cartoon character, whose body is made up of a round shape with a border. Within this round shape, the character has depicted eyes and wears glasses. It has a wide smile that is displayed between the palms of its hands. In the left hand, it holds an object resembling a chalk for writing, and in the right hand, it holds a shape resembling the quotation mark. The legs of this character are depicted by two round objects that are overlapping.”

The mark’s application is for educational services, not domain name related services:

“Printed children’s activity books; Printed children’s books; Printed children’s interactive educational books; Printed coloring books; Printed educational publications, namely, educational learning cards, flash cards, activity cards, workbooks, textbooks, activity books, story books, puzzle books, printed puzzles, teacher guides, manuals, posters and educational booklets in the field of early childhood education and development; Printed non-fiction books on a variety of topics.”

That’s all good but it’s quite hard to rank well for such a generic term, even with an image attached, in our humble opinion. Plus, they could have put some more work into designing a better-looking mascot.

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