Calvin Klein : .XYZ “penny promo” results in massive 73 domain UDRP

Domain trademarks aren't always about domain names.

Domain trademarks can cost a pretty penny.

To celebrate its 2nd anniversary, the .XYZ Registry offered a promotional “penny per domain” pricing.

At the time, we pointed out that such cheap domains enable the proliferation of registrations for spamming purposes.

Another issue became apparent, after a UDRP involving 73 .XYZ domains – all “Calvin Klein” trademark violations.

The ongoing case has been filed by Calvin Klein Trademark Trust & Calvin Klein, Inc. for these .XYZ domains:

All these domains were registered on June 2nd by a Vietnamese registrant.

At a cost of merely 73 cents, the sole registrant has clearly attempted to capitalize on the Calvin Klein brand’s fame.


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